Welcome to the 37C3 presale!

Planning an event of this scale comes with many uncertainties, chief among which are the financial ones. We try to make this event accessible to as many people as possible, by providing a minimum ticket price that is lower than what we need on average. Please support the event as much as you can, to reduce the burden on people who cannot afford a higher (or even the regular) ticket price.

With our current ticket planning, we are required to make at least EUR 145 per ticket on average, respectively. We decided to have the cheapest ticket at 120 Euro to keep the event affordable. Additionally, it is possible to pay any arbitrary price for your ticket above 120 Euro, so that you can choose yourself how much you can and want to support the event.

We will publish a daily statistic on the average price of the tickets sold so far, so that you can see how well-funded the congress currently is.

Average price