Before Congress

What exactly is a voucher?

As the capacity of the congress center is limited, we expect the tickets to sell out quite fast. To prevent the communities surrounding the CCC from being excluded, we decided to split the ticket presale into two phases. In the first phase, a ticket will be given out to everyone who gets a voucher. We have sent vouchers to last year's angels and speakers, to the local groups of CCC and other related groups. In the second phase, we will sell the rest of the tickets on a first-come first-served basis.

I don't have a voucher! Can I still buy a ticket?

Yes you can! There are three days of open presale.

So how does this replication thing work?

It doesn't, at this point. The voucher phase is over.

When can I buy a ticket?

Please refer to this blog post for details.

I tried to buy a ticket and just got crappy errors instead! You suck!

The presale server was kind of on fire on day 1, yes. We're mitigated the issue on day 2, but there are still much more interested people than tickets.

How do I redeem a voucher?

Just go to and enter the voucher code on the bottom of the page.

Will there be day passes?

No, there will be no day passes this year.

Will you sell tickets on-site, once the event starts?

No, apart from gym tickets there will be no on-site sale of tickets.

How can I pay for my ticket?

We accept wire transfers to our German bank account and credit cards via Stripe. Unfortunately we cannot accept any other form of payment like checks, bitcoin or cash.

Do I need to pay my ticket immediately?

Yes! We want to allow as many people as possible to come, so if you don't pay your ticket in time, we'll reassign it to someone else. Upon order completion we will show you the date by which we expect your payment. Please keep in mind that a wire transfer might take a few days and is only transferred on workdays.

I don't need my ticket and I want to re-sell it to somebody else.

You might want to check out the ticket exchange page in the event wiki. We'd like to ask you not to sell your ticket for more than you paid for it.
We'd ask you, to prevent fraud, to contact us when you want your ticket to change hands, so that we can change the associated email address and link secret to make sure there is only one person with access to the ticket.

I NEED a ticket!

We're all sold out, but you might want to check out the ticket exchange page in the event wiki. We'd like to ask you not to buy your ticket for more than the original price.
To prevent fraud, please ask the original owner to contact us to reassign the ticket to you - we'll change the associated mail address and the link secret, so that only you have access to the ticket.

I accidentally gave a wrong transfer reason for my payment. What should I do?

Please contact us and tell us your correct transfer reason and what you wrote accidentally instead. Please DO NOT send a second transfer.

How do I see if my payment has succeeded?

The payment status is updated manually for wire transfers. This may take a few days. Thank you for your patience. When your payment status is updated, you will receive an email. Credit card payments are processed almost instantly.

How can I download my ticket?

We'll generate the tickets as PDF files shortly before congress. Until then, you can see the status of your order in the web interface. We'll send you an email as soon as the tickets are available for download.

I need a receipt/invoice for my ticket. How do I get one?

You can supply an invoice address for your order. If you ordered a business ticket you can download your invoice in the web shop immediately after completing your order. For all other tickets you can download your invoice together with your ticket. If you need something in addition, or you are unable to download your invoice, please contact us.

I want to change my invoice address.

Please change your invoice address on the web interface, then contact us to reissue an updated invoice.

I want to supply my VAT ID and get an invoice with 0% VAT for reverse charge.

Reverse charge is not applicable. The place of performance is Hamburg, Germany, thus we have to charge German VAT.

I already payed for my order, but now I want more tickets.

Please place a second order for your additional items. Please pay your orders in separate transactions to make processing easier.

I want to buy a WHOLE LOT of tickets!

You can buy at most two tickets in one order.

I don't own a printer, how can I present my ticket?

You can present your ticket on a mobile device of your choice. If you do, please turn your display to full brightness in advance. You can also choose to download your ticket in Passbook format, which is supported by various smartphone platforms.

I need the address of the recipient to initiate an international wire transfer.

The address of the account holder is:

Chaos Computer Club Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH (CCCV GmbH)
Marienstra├če 11
10117 Berlin

I need the address of your bank to initiate an international wire transfer.

The address of our bank is:

Deutsche Postbank AG
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 114-126
53113 Bonn

The BIC of your bank does not validate in my bank's web interface.

According to our bank, the 8 letter BIC PBNKDEFF should be sufficient for payment. If your bank insists that it isn't, you can use PBNKDEFF100 instead.

How can I preorder t-shirts?

You can't preorder clothing items, sorry.

During Congress

Cash desk opening hours

The cash desk opening hours will probably be:
26th December afternoon - 24:00 (the exact opening time will be announced on site)
27th December 08:00 - 24:00
28th December 10:00 - 22:00
29th December 10:00 - 22:00
30th December 10:00 - 16:00


Speakers can go directly to the speakers room. It will be right next to the cash desks. Speakers are not required to buy a ticket.

I'm a member of the press, a news agency, a documentary filmer or something like that. Are there press tickets?

If you are a member of the press and want to attend congress, please contact the CCC press team at presse(at) beforehand!
Invited press and guests may jump the queue at the main entrance to be welcomed by the cash desk team and receive their tickets.


I want to bring my kids. Do they need a ticket as well?

Children under 12 in attendance of an adult get in for free. For adolescents under the age of 18, we have Up-and-Coming tickets at a reduced price.

I'm a disabled person with a person accompanying me.

A single person officially accompanying a disabled person gets in for free. Only you will have to buy a ticket.